Adding good humour and fun to life is the top priority of Captain Fin Co. This philosophy is reflected in their slogan “Be Cool Man”.  

Very strongly inspired by the Californian style, our brand develops its own original and creative style. But beyond the artistic aspect, Captain Fin Co collaborates with many surfers, skateboarders, and artists designing with them outstanding-quality fins. 

Thanks to the combination of unique designs and quality fins, the brand has developed to the point of becoming a real reference in the field. From shortboards to longboards to mid-lengths, the brand offers all types of sets for all boards. At the beginning, the brand only offered fins, but today it offers accessories and clothing while remaining specialized in the design of fins.  


The daggerboard and surf accessories brand Captain Fin Co was created in 2007 by Mitch Abshere. This California-based brand with its artistic and original visuals is all about fun surfing. It all started when he was only 16 years old. At that time, Mitch was working for a magazine called "Surf X". The magazine focused on the world of surfing, skateboarding and urban culture. It was while immersed in this environment that his eyes were opened to these disciplines, and he became hooked. He then started restoring old fins in bad condition that he owned. He started to feel the pleasure of creating and giving life to a board with his own fins. 

And little by little he began not to restore, but to design and build fins with his own touch. Mitch really wanted to make the brand look fun. He even said, "There are too many brands out there... and too serious. Over the years, his work has allowed him to accomplish great things. In 2011 for example, Captain Fin Co released his own film called Be Cool Man. A meaningful name that perfectly matches the brand's vision.  


The brand puts a point of honour on the collaborations. The main collaborators who trusted the Californian brand are Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Thomas Campbell, Andy Davis, and Dane Reynolds. We realized with them original collaborations and of very good quality. 

Working closely with Alex Knost, Captain Fin designed a series of fins for mid length and longboards. With a straight profile and a wide base, they allow for a perfect pivot and an excellent drive. 

For hybrid boards, Captain Fin collaborated with surfer/shaper Tyler Warren. They came up with a set of 3 fins that are very easy to transition from rail to rail and have a very good grip on the shoulder and the base of the wave. 

In addition to the various collaborations with his surfers and shapers, captain fin co developed a real close team. 


Captain Fin Co has produced hundreds of different fins. For longboards, singles, twins or thrusters, all types of fins have been designed. So, there is something for every taste and every board.