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Timmy Patterson

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The T.Patterson tri-fin set comes in standard honeycomb construction and is Timmy's original fin design that's been used in boards dating back to the glass-on days. It's a one size, medium/large size fin that fits just about anyone in almost all conditions. As a second generation shaper raised in the surfboard factories, his career began making fins in the glass shops. Since then he has worked and helped develop some of the most advanced fin designs and fin systems still used on most boards today. Besides being one of the world's premier shapers, he's still very involved with fin systems and the paths they are taking into the future with surfboard design. If you're looking for an all-around tri-fin built for ripping, then the T.Patterson set is for you.REF:CFF2122001_BWH_M





Balanced classic fin template for a medium weight surfer that promotes progressive surfing and will excel in any condition.

Compatibility: Compatible with Futures fin system.

Construction: Honeycomb

Flex: Medium

Designed for high performance surfing, a standardized template for Timmy's boards.

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